29 July 2007


Since we are still on the ‘Goddess’ theme; I thought I would re-post a piece I did last May which I called ‘Warrior Within The Circle’. She, most definitely, is a Goddess too!

I am the one who protects you unconditionally and fearlessly from threats to your personal and creative freedom. I am the one who allows you to feel safe. I am the one who protects you from the Dark Side of yourself. I possess the power and the might to conquer your inner critics and crush them with a single blow. I am the one that listens to the council and wise wisdom of your Spirit Guides. Together we direct you and formulate strategies to win the battles you create for yourself both inside the spirit world and outside in the physical world. With my protection, ALL things are possible. With my strength and power you move forward into the unknown with boundless passion. I am the one who guards the portals of light that illuminate the Great Mysteries of Life and Spirit. I am the one who will stand by your side into a very old age. I am the one who will take your hand and guide you into the timeless time when you join with the Ancient Ones in celebration.


Nicole said...

Ohhh great again ;-)

Cheryl Finley: said...

Yes...she is a Guardian Goddess... she's doing a beautiful job : )
This card is so exquisite... amazing art-making...and the prose speaks to my heart.

Thank you for sharing her, Royce.

: )

Pilar said...

Like Cheryl, I think this piece is exquisite. The power and energy just radiates off this page. Beautiful!

Leah said...

this is gorgeous!! i enjoyed reading about the white buffalo woman as well.